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10, Nov 2022
Interview With A Cam Model

What actually is camming and how did you become a cam model?

When my friend first told me about camming, I thought she was crazy. I didn’t want my family to find out, but six months later I started and now I don’t regret it.

How much of your time is spent camming?

I spend my days caming, but I can earn the same amount of money as a typical job in a matter of hours. That makes camming seem like more of a part-time gig than it probably is.

If you’re a cam girl, what does your day look like?

I’m a strong believer in the old saying, “The early bird gets the worm.” On Mornings with Maxx, I typically start at 5am and finish by 10am. After that, I head to the gym for my workout, have lunch and live my life until it’s time to start again the next day.

What role do you play when you’re performing on cam? Do you act as yourself or do you take the attitude of someone else?

You can be anyone you want! Personally, I like being myself. Viewers feel a connection with me, and it makes camming much more fun. Keep up to date with all the sexual fetishes to elighten yourself

Have you told your mom and dad about this?

I’ve never told my family what I do, and I don’t plan on ever telling them. Their conservative, religious values would make them totally disapprove. However, a few of my friends know, and they’re always excited to hear about how much different things are on camming. Every day is so different!

You may experience negative stereotypes due to your line of work.

Most people I tell are interested in what I’m doing, and I have actually referred a lot of people to Off the Record this way. The only people who would pass judgement on me are those who don’t know. If they did, I wouldn’t worry.

Since becoming a cam girl is a lot of work, we have training to help you get started. This also helps you avoid any problems you might run into in the future.

The best cam girls are the ones who are truly themselves and connect well with their audience.

Becoming a cam girl is all about developing your profile, learning how to interact with customers, and getting your name out there when it comes to live shows. You need to be yourself and let that work for you – these skills can’t be taught.